Sunday, August 03, 2008

Climbing Mount Rainier

On this day I hiked Mt Rainier solo from Paradise to Camp Muir(10,188 feet/ 3105 meters)for an elevation gain of approximately 5000 feet which is 1524 meters. The day was clear, sunny, and warm. Mout Rainier was big and fantastically beautiful - as a mere mortal, I was lucky the mountain allowed me the climb.

Enough said about my Mount Rainier climb. See the pictures below and the videos which humbly depict the mountain in it's majesty!


Mount Rainier in all of it's glory

Paul at Camp Muir on Mt Rainier (10,188 feet/ 3105 meters)

View from Camp Muir

Nisqually Glacier on Mt Rainier

Wild Flowers

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