Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wagonwheel Lake

Today three of us hiked up a steep mountain in Olympic National Forest to the high alpine lake called Wagonwheel Lake.

After enjoying views of the pristine lake, we climbed above the lake to a rocky ridge. During this climb, we passed beautiful trailside flowers and spectacular wildflower meadows.

Continuing our ascent, we scrambled up a rocky ridge which rose to the summit of an unnamed peak.

Please enjoy the trip pictures below - IMPORTANT - CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO SEE A BIGGER IMAGE.

Trailside Flower 1

Trailside Flower 2

Trailside Flower 3

Trailside Flower 4

Wagonwheel Lake

Wagonwheel Lake

Wildflower Meadow 1

Wildflower Meadow2

Unnamed Peak

Paul on Unnamed Peak Summit

View From the Summit

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