Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mount Baldy (8/20/2006)

Sunday I solo hiked from the Upper Dungeness trailhead to the summit of Mount Baldy (Olympic Natl Forest), bagging 4 additional peaks on the Gray Wolf Ridge.

Baldy is a worthy peak, claiming a 4100 foot elevation gain to reach its nearly 6800' high summit. Royal Creek is really where the climbing began.

Royal Creek Posted by Picasa

Continuing on, I ascended the Maynard Burn trail to a waytrail which led to the Gray Wolf Ridge. Once on the Ridge I began bagging peaks, including Baldy (the highest).

Gray Wolf Ridge Ascent Posted by Picasa

Gray Wolf Ridge Ascent (Closeup) Posted by Picasa

Mount Baldy Posted by Picasa

Mount Baldy Summit Posted by Picasa

Probably the most interesting peak was just northwest of Baldy - it had these tantalizing boulders poking upward - yes I climbed the tall one at the bottom of the pic below.
Peak NW of Baldy Posted by Picasa

While standing on Baldy, I absorbed spectacular scenery in every direction. The pictures below show some of the dramatically contrasting landscapes viewed from Baldy's summit.

View East of Baldy Posted by Picasa

Dungeness Valley Posted by Picasa

Mt Deception (Middle Background) Posted by Picasa

Mount Constance Posted by Picasa

I'm definitely going to repeat this climb again soon - although strenuous, it is one of the most satisfying climbs in the West Puget Sound.

Drawn as I am to Gray Wolf Ridge, I intend to revisit there soon, head east, then bag Mt Tyler and a few of its surrounding peaks.

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