Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Marmot Pass & Mt Buckhorn

RJ and I took this middle-of-the-week day off for a hike along the Big Quilcene trail in Olympic National Forrest/Park, climbing Marmot Pass, then Mount Buckhorn, and scree skiing back down to the main trail.

The environment changed drastically, as the hike began under clear blue skies which remained as we reached Marmot Pass, afterwards changing to a fog enveloped, ethereal ridge and mountain climb.

Scree skiing from Mt Buckhorn back down to the trail was definitely a trip highlight, as we lost 1500 ft elevation on a 3/4 mile scree ski run.

Note on picture size: Click on picture for a LARGER view.

Trailside View of Forest Posted by Picasa

Mushroom Closeup Posted by Picasa

Nearby Peaks Posted by Picasa

Marmot Pass Wildflowers Posted by Picasa

Marmot Pass Posted by Picasa

Looking Up Toward Buckhorn Ridge Posted by Picasa

Tortured Buckhorn Ridge Tree Posted by Picasa

Ethereal Buckhorn Ridge Posted by Picasa

Scree Skiing Down From Mt Buckhorn Posted by Picasa

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