Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mount Walker 5/8/2010

Today a climbing friend and I hiked up to the summit of Mount Walker - this was a "training" hike which provided a great view of the Puget Sound when we reached the mountain top. 

Why a training hike?  Well, we donned much larger and heavier backpacks (mine had lead weights inside)  as we hiked up the relatively steep slopes of Mt Walker to prepare for our Mount Rainier summit attempt at the end of this month. 

Here are two nice pictures I shot from the top of Mt Walker.  

Puget Sound
Olympic Mountain Range Interior


  1. Nice Pictures. The trees on each side of the snow covered mountain framed the mounrain to resemble a picture.
    Save your pictures.

  2. Thanks. That scenic lookout spot always seems to be a good one on just about any day.