Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mazama Ridge Near Mount Rainier

Today was a great day for snowshoe hiking.  It has been raining so hard near Seattle lately, but snowing a little in the mountains.  Since it is Saturday, and raining even more (!), we escaped - drove over to Mount Rainier National Park (Washington State, USA), found some deep snow, strapped on our snowshoes, and just headed out into the wilderness for 6 hours. began snowing as soon as we began hiking, the temperature dropped to well below freezing, and the wind picked-up as we climbed up to the Mazama mountain ridge.

In other words, it was a pretty typical hike.  Fortunately, this wasn't too strenuous and the scenary was nice.

And began snowing much harder, so hard that we couldn't see the mountain ridge, or anything else that was beyond 15 meters!

We found our way back to the trailhead and returned home safely :-).  Here are a few pictures I took before my camera froze:

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  1. Boy, that sure looks cold and very lonesome up there. Was there anyone else up there. I'd be afraid of an avalanche or meeting a hungry bear. It's cold where we are: 25 degrees in the morning and that's cold enough for me. But it looks beautiful up there I must admit.

  2. Yes, it was cold, but I wasn't lonesome - there were three other people with me, and several other groups were also out there.

    25 degrees is really cold - even our mornings are on upper 30s now!

    There were no bears, but it would have been more interesting if we had seen one, especially since they are supposed to be hybernating