Friday, July 06, 2007

Camp Muir & Comet Falls/Van Trump Park

Today, climbing Mt Rainier to Camp Muir and yesterday, immersing ourselves in the thundering mists of Rainier's Comet Falls, Ron, CJ, and I celebrated Independence Days on "The Mountain".

No, there were no fire-crackers or bottle rockets, only Mount Rainier with its thundering waterfalls, awesome scenary, and critters popping up when you least expect them.

Critters? What critters? OK, we spotted fearless marmots whistling away while sunning themselves on rocks below the Muir snow field; a reddish coyote padding along in the snow; two doe each leading their own fawns to safety, and a greyish fox crossing the road.

Check out the pictures below and, if your computer can handle it, click on a picture to enjoy a full screen view.
Van Trump Creek
Comet Falls
Marmot Pleasently Basking in Sun
Annoyed Marmot Pleasently Basking in Sun

Mount Rainier
Nisqually Glacier on Mt Rainier
Mount Adams as Seen From Mt Rainier
Camp Muir
Paul (me) at Camp Muir

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