Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lake of The Angels

Wednesday we five hiked to an overlook above Lake of the Angels; the lake was in a basin below us situated between Mt Skokomish and Mt Stone.

Trailside scenary included Mount Rainier in all of its glory, Mount Pershing which was facing us from the opposite side of the Hamma Hamma River, and multiple waterfalls. At one point we rose to a basin I will call "Three Falls Basin". As we continued to climb toward our high alpine lake destination, at one point we were surrounded by three spectacular waterfalls.

Incidentally, we met a Naval officer at the lake who, as we watched, climbed Mt Stone taking a route starting at the lake, then proceeding straight up the snow field above the lake. This looked like a fun, practical route to take at this time of year.

The pictures below were taken at overlooks along the trail and at the lake.

Clicking on the pictures (if your computer can handle it) produces an enormous image.

Trailside Waterfall

Mr Rainier and Puget Sound
Peak in front of Mt Pershing
Mt Pershing
Mt Skokomish
Mt Stone
Mt Stone (Summit not seen)
Alpine Pond

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