Sunday, March 12, 2006

Deer Park

Today I snowshoed up to Deer Park along the snow covered Deer Park Road. Starting at the closed Olympic National Park (ONP) gate, I hopped over the gate and trudged to within a half mile of the ranger station in Deer Park.

It was a beautiful day for a snowshoe through this part of ONP. All together I had three deer bolt in front of me, stepped over, around, or ducked under 21 downed trees, and even took a few pictures as I gained 3100 vertical feet on this marathon 15 mile roundtrip trek.

On this solo trek I didn't see another human the entire time; I had this portion of the park completely to myself. It was an arduous, exhausting route with one lasting physical side effect - I lost 4 pounds.

Shown below are some of my favorite pictures taken during the trek.

Note: Click picture for LARGER view.

View of Ridge From Trail1 Posted by Picasa

View of Ridge From Trail2 Posted by Picasa

Deer Park Trail Snowshoe Tracks (Mine) Posted by Picasa

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