Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lake Angeles

The pictures below are from today's trek up to, then above Lake Angeles with 8 other other Kitsap Climbers. It was a crisp, clear day for another great hike within Olympic National Park.

No miscalculation could have spoiled a fine trip such as this; forgetting one's boots at the Park-n-Ride was no show-stopper, though certainly an event for which one esteemed member of our party received endless speculation.

No one was adventurous enough to attempt crossing the frozen, snow-covered lake. Another member of this merry band, relying on his survival instincts and good judgement, resisted all urgings to cross the lake, an event many believed would have resulted in great lunchtime entertainment.

The birds (Grey-Jays?) were abundant and, to our great enjoyment, landed on our outstretched hands to gorge upon offerings of fruit and nuts.

Shown below are some of my favorite pictures taken during the trek.

Note: Click picture for LARGER view.

Lake Angeles (Frozen & Snow Covered) Posted by Picasa

Island on Lake Angeles Posted by Picasa

Frozen Cliffs Posted by Picasa

View From The Top (Looking East) Posted by Picasa

View From The Top (Looking NorthEast) Posted by Picasa

Climbers Treking To Ridge Above Lake Angeles Posted by Picasa

Kitsap Climbers On Ridge Above Lake Angeles Posted by Picasa

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