Sunday, October 23, 2005

Vantage, WA Rock Climbing

While rock climbing with the Tacoma Mountaineers in the Frenchman's Coulee area (near Vantage, WA), I snapped a few photos of the columnar basalt surrounding us. This was my first trip to Vantage and I found the surrounding canyonscapes truely spectacular.

Saturday morning, under clear blue skies, we set up climbing routes at the "Feathers". Later that afternoon we climbed different routes on sunny southern facing walls. At day's end, upon return to the nearby campsite, gluttonous appetites were sated by an unsurpassable feast.

A slide show of the pictures can be seen by clicking here.

Simply click on any of the thumbnail pictures shown below to view the enlarged image.

Rock Climbing at Vantage (Mountaineers) Posted by Picasa

Vantage Basalt Landscape Posted by Picasa

Afternoon Climbing Wall at Vantage Posted by Picasa

Rock Climbing at Vantage Posted by Picasa

Vantage Canyonscape Posted by Picasa

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